A year since the arrest of Saad Al-Jabri’s children to force their Father to Return to Saudi Arabia

“Prisoners of Conscience in Saudi Arabia” Twitter account stated that one year has passed since the arrest of Omar and Sarah Saad Al-Jabri, to blackmail their father and force him to return and surrender.

Their ongoing detention and the failure to retract their prison sentences is a violation of the laws and human rights charters, which is completely unacceptable because they are innocent of any charge.

It is noteworthy that last year, the state security authorities in Saudi Arabia, affiliated to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, arrested both Omar and Sarah – children of Saudi intelligence man residing in Canada, Saad Al-Jabri- and brought them to trial on charges of money laundering. The court issued a sentence of 9 years for Omar and 6 years and half imprisonment to Sarah.

Rights activists said that the arrest of Omar and Sara came as a reaction from Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman to Al-Jabri’s escape to Canada, fearing for himself because of his proximity to the former Saudi crown prince, Mohamed bin Nayef.

In a statement during an interview with The Guardian, Khaled Saad Al-Jabri, the son of the Saudi intelligence man, said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman had personally contacted his father and told him that his only chance to see Omar and Sarah is to return to Saudi Arabia and surrender to the authorities in Saudi Arabia.

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In the same context, David Ignacius, a security writer for the Washington Post, said: The case of Omar and Sarah Saad Al-Jabri has disappeared from the official record of Saudi criminal cases on the Internet, but the family was not sure what this indicates, and this was done after the Saudi authorities raided the house and arrested Omar and Sara, brought them to trial and sentenced them without charge, despite Omar being 21 years old and Sarah is younger than him.

Human Rights Watch said that the arrest of Al-Jabri’s children is a clear violation of human and child rights, as they have no connection to the Saudi Crown Prince’s conflict with their parents. The organisation called on the Saudi authorities to release them so they could get back to their education.

Khaled Al-Jabri said that the authorities of Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman are practicing a form of intimidation and terror against their young brother, who is 9 years old, which is crazy.

Together for Justice condemned the forced placement of Al-Jabri’s children into a political conflict and demanded the Saudi government to drop the sentences issued against both Omar and Sarah, as it is inconceivable that two children would be arrested on charges of money laundering. The organization also appealed to the Saudi authorities to speed up their release and return them to their homes and their studies.

It is worth noting that Omar and Sara, children of Al-Jabri, do not know where they are being held, and no one is allowed to visit them. They have been arrested in order to pressure their father, Major General Saad Al-Jabri, and the man close to Mohamed bin Nayef, the former Saudi crown prince, who is considered by the current Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman the secrets treasury of Prince Mohamed bin Nayef

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