Saudi Scholar Spends Seven Years in Arbitrary Detention

#WeMissSheikhAlTarifi hashtag swept Saudi social media platforms over the past few days amid calls for the immediate release of sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Tarifi.

Sheikh Abd al-Aziz bin Marzouq al-Tarifi, 47, is one of the most famous preachers and scholars in the Arab world. His religious lectures were characterized by moderation, despite his Salafist tendency. He had millions of fans and followers due to his smooth style.

He joined the Imam Muhammad bin Saudi Islamic University in Riyadh, where he completed his undergraduate studies. Furthermore, he worked as a Sharia researcher at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call, and Guidance.

Sheikh Al-Tarifi was arrested on April 23, 2016, after being summoned for investigation just ten days after his residence was determined. Since then, he has been in jail without charge or trial.

Sheikh Al-Tarifi’s arrest came shortly after the Ministry of Islamic Affairs prevented the distribution of his books and publications without any legal basis.

He was well-known for his religious lectures and human rights advocacy, where he called more than once for an end to arbitrary detention policies.

He also expressed rejection of some of the Saudi regime’s modern policies as part of the 2030 Vision.

Together for Justice calls for the release of Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Tarifi, and demands the opening of an urgent investigation into all the violations he was subjected to.

It also stresses the importance of an international intervention to put an end to the Saudi violations and to open a real investigation into all the violations they were subjected to.Saudi Scholar Spends Seven Years in Arbitrary Detention

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