Two Years Since Enforced Disappearance of Abdullah Al-Mubaraki

Together for Justice warns of the Saudi authorities’ continued rejection to deal with the prisoner of conscience Abdullah Al-Mubaraki’s file, refusing to provide any information about his fate or respond to any family or rights inquiries about his detention conditions

Al-Mubaraki was arrested on July 22, 2021, from his family house in Yanbu city, located on the Red Sea coast, after security forces in civilian clothes raided the house and kidnapped him without giving details about his charges or detention place.

Since then, no further information has been given about Abdullah’s fate. Saudi authorities refused to deal with any family contacts, leaving Al-Mubaraki under enforced disappearance for nearly two years.

According to well-informed sources, Al-Mubaraki’s arrest came over his social media posts calling for democratic reform and constitutional rights in the Kingdom.

Together for Justice holds the Saudi authorities responsible for Abdullah Al-Mubaraki’s life, warning of any attempt to try him based on forced confessions obtained under torture, a practice regularly used in Saudi jails against dozens of political prisoners.

Arresting or imprisoning someone and denying them their freedom is blatantly breaking international law and treaties. The Saudi government must ensure justice for all victims of these violations, grant them all their rights, and ensure that such practices won’t happen again in the future.

We emphasize the need for a serious intervention to save Abdullah Al-Mubaraki and every person who has been forcibly disappeared in Saudi Arabia, regardless of their political affiliation, and to put pressure on the Saudi government to reveal their whereabouts and make sure they get a fair trial.

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