Badr Al-Mashari’s Arrest Reflects Saudi Arabia’s Endless Violations

Together for Justice condemns the arrest of the Saudi preacher Badr Nader Al-Mashari by Saudi security forces earlier this week in mysterious circumstances for unknown reasons.

The Saudi authorities arrested Sheikh Badr Al-Mashari for unknown reasons and transferred him to an unknown detention center, the organisation said.

Meanwhile, state-run social media platforms started promoting an old video of Sheikh Al-Mashari receiving guests in his house, claiming that he had been released. However, the video clip dates back to last year, after Sheikh Al-Mashari left the hospital after suffering a health problem.

In this regard, Together for Justice affirms that Sheikh Al-Mashari’s arrest came as part of the Saudi 2017 crackdown against preachers, academics, and activists.

Together for Justice also warns against Sheikh Al-Mashari’s safety, especially since he recently suffered from a health problem and needs constant medical care.

The organisation also holds the Saudi authorities responsible for his safety and health condition, warning of any attempt to subject him to torture to extract confessions against his will.

Sheikh Al-Mashari, 50, is a very prominent preacher and imam of the Hittin Mosque in Riyadh, who has many followers on social media.

He was detained for unknown reasons, but it is likely linked to terrorism charges.

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