For Demanding Job Opportunity, Zaid Al-Marouqi Kept in Detention for 4 Years!

Zaid Al-Marouqi’s sole crime was that he demanded a job opportunity and criticized the high unemployment rate in his country. Instead of addressing the unemployment crisis, the Saudi authorities decided to punish him for criticizing the regime’s employment policies.

Zaid Al-Rouqi was a young Saudi man who dreamed of a better future for his country at the hands of its youth. He aspired to obtain a job opportunity through which he could prove his skills. However, he found himself jailed behind Saudi bars and shackled with iron shackles.

Zaid Al-Rouqi was detained in November 2019 after posting a video on social media in which he called for radical and urgent solutions to address the country’s rising unemployment rates.

Since his arrest, no sufficient information has been revealed about his detention condition or whereabouts. A forced disappearance-like situation was applied to him. He hasn’t been officially charged or brought before a court, which has his family worried about his fate, especially given Saudi Arabia’s infamous track record with political prisoners.

Zaid Al-Rouqi is a vital example of Saudi approach in dealing with freedom of expression in political, economic, or social issues. The Saudi regime only wants to silence its people and prevent any anticipated criticism.

We appeal to the international community to stop the Saudi regime’s growing human rights abuses and to act quickly to save hundreds of political prisoners who are being held in unfavorable conditions and denied access to fair trials.

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