In Solidarity with Jerusalem: Arab and Islamic governments must stop any cooperation with the occupation government

Together for Justice condemns the ongoing Israeli aggression against the occupied city of Jerusalem as well as its violations against the defenseless Palestinian people whose only crime is defending their lands and homes and to practice their religious rituals with complete freedom.

We affirm that the brutal violations of the Israeli occupation can only be considered as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Over the past week, waves of Israeli violence against Palestinian citizens have escalated, especially after the Israeli courts decided to vacate the families of Sheikh Jarrah from their homes and hand them over to the settlers under the pretext that they are the original owners of these lands – although there is no proof of this -.

As the Palestinians refused to leave their homes, settlers began attacking them inside their homes to evict them by force under the official protection of Israeli soldiers and with the support of the occupation government, whose president – Netanyahu – came out in defense of the settlement plans considering that “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel”, as Trump admitted!

Although the Supreme Court postponed issuing its final decision to hear the testimony of a number of settlers, the settlers and the occupation soldiers attacked the worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque without respecting the sanctity of the place or these blessed days during the month of Ramadan. The mosque was stormed and the worshipers were attacked with firearms and gas bombs to force them out of the mosque, causing hundreds of injuries, and arresting dozens of Palestinian boys and girls.

In addition, settlers were preparing to storm the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque on Monday 10 May to celebrate the anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem, which meant more Israeli violence, especially since the occupation forces have deployed checkpoints across the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem and closed many roads, in order to prevent worshipers from reaching the Al-Aqsa Mosque, while protecting the settlers during their celebrations.

Free voices came out from everywhere in the world denouncing the brutal crimes of the Israeli occupation against the rightful Palestinians, the owners of the land, and the people of dignity. However, the official position of governments and states is still negative, as some of them issued statements of denunciation and condemnation without taking any practical steps to deter the occupation forces which considers their inaction as a green light to proceed with these atrocities.

Together for Justice calls on all Arab and Islamic countries to take moral stances against the violations of the Israeli occupation and to support the Palestinian people in their current struggle with all means, and to stop any cooperation with the occupation government that violates peace every day by committing brutal crimes and its insistence on implementing the apartheid policy against the Palestinians.

Together for Justice also demands the new US administration to put an end to Israeli violations and abide by the campaign promises of Biden, who pledged to protect human rights around the world, and that his administration will give human rights files a greater priority than his predecessor, “Trump”, who was supportive of dictatorships around the world.

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