Messi’s Deal Is Done…  He Will Play in Saudi Arabia Next Season

A well-informed source affirmed that Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi will play in Saudi Arabia next season after receiving an “enormous” offer from one of the Saudi clubs, most likely Al-Hilal club.

“The contract is exceptional. It is huge. We are still finalising a few details,” a Saudi source familiar with the negotiations told AFP, without revealing the name of the club concerned.

The source added “Messi’s Deal Is Done… He Will Play in Saudi Arabia Next Season”

Messi’s transfer came following huge sports deals recently signed by Saudi authorities, including Formula 1 and LIV Golf.

Earlier last year, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo joined the state-owned Saudi football club Al Nassr FC for reportedly a whopping US$241 million over 2.5 years.

Human rights activists have accused Saudi Arabia of using sport to whitewash its poor human rights record at home and abroad.

Saudi Arabia’s efforts to bring Lionel Messi to its shores and to join Cristiano Ronaldo only aim to attract a global audience and improve its foreign image.

This sharp criticism is not linked to sport or football. Otherwise, it will not come under fire. But everyone knows that the Saudi regime is using such deals to cover its human rights violations and crimes against millions of victims at home and abroad.

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