Saudi authorities arrest, torture a Libyan citizen for criticising a meal

The Saudi government’s terrorism has gotten so bad that they are now arresting people for giving negative reviews of meals. This is not a dream; rather, it is the harsh reality brought to light by the events surrounding Libyan citizen Muhammad Al-Wishi, who was detained on March 30 for posting a video clip on social media and criticizing a meal at a Saudi restaurant.

Following the release of the aforementioned video, numerous hateful remarks demeaning Muhammad Al-Wishi’s persona surfaced, many of which contained racist epithets. Upon closer inspection, it was evident that the majority of these accounts belonged to the electronic flies that the Saudi regime uses to further its goals and enhance its reputation. Furthermore, Al-Wishi’s social media account was subjected to hundreds of reports. The electronic snitching platform “We are all security” was used for a significant portion of it, and as a result, an arrest warrant was issued against him.

Muhammad Al-Wishi suffered numerous physical, psychological, and legal abuses. He was made to accept the court-appointed attorney in place of selecting his own attorney to represent him. The family clarified that this attorney does not give them any information, does not give the file the necessary attention, does not answer phone calls from Al-Wishi, and declines to meet with him.

The family also pointed out that Al-Washi suffered from infections and ulcers as a result of the handcuffs, and that the swelling, ulceration, and inflammation in his foot spread beyond the region of his knee. The family further added that not even the Libyan embassy’s efforts to expedite his urgent surgical procedure were successful.

They continued by saying that Al-Wishi is constantly harassed, beaten, and insulted by the Saudi jailers and some of the criminal inmates. Some of the insults he hears inside the prison are “You Italian mutant, you barbarian,” and other remarks whose meanings he is unaware of.

Because of the poor hygiene and sterilization conditions inside the prison, Al-Wishi also experienced bed sores and skin infections all over his body. He even informed his family that he was thinking about killing himself to end the terrible circumstances he was in without breaking any laws.

Together for Justice holds the Saudi authorities responsible for the safety of the life of the Libyan detainee, Muhammad Al-Wishi, affirming that his arrest was illegal from the beginning and that he must be released immediately and transferred to the hospital to complete his medical treatment before it is too late.

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