Saudi Regime must Reveal the Fate of Detainee Halima Al-Huwaiti and Release her immediately

A new year has begun, and Al-Huwaitat tribe continues to be threatened by the authorities with the forced displacement and seize their lands and homes to complete the construction of the “Neum City” project, which the regime claims to be the most important project in the century.

Al-Huwaitat individuals tried to confront the regime’s authoritarian practices and refused to implement orders of forced evictions from their homes, especially in the absence of adequate compensation. Instead of searching for solutions, the authorities launched campaigns of arrest and intimidation among the tribe’s members to force them to comply with the orders.

The security forces killed the citizen Abdul Rahim Al-Huwaiti in April 2020, after refusing to leave his house for the authorities to build the Neom Project.

In November 2020, the security services arrested Abdullah Dakhil Allah Abu Taqiqa, and Shadly Abu Taqiqa, who is the brother of Abdel Rahim Al Huwaiti, in addition to a woman named Halima, who is the wife of the detainee Abdel Nasser Abu Taqiqa, another brother of Abdel Rahim who was arrested shortly after Abdel Rahim was killed with dozens of other tribe members.

Until this moment, the fate of Halima Al-Huwaiti remains unknown, as she has not been brought before any judicial body, and no clear charges have been brought against her, which means that her current detention by the Saudi regime is arbitrary and subjects those responsible to legal accountability.

We stress our complete rejection of the persecution of the members of the Al-Huwaitat tribe at the hands of the Saudi regime, and we stress that these practices are racist and in violation of international laws and covenants, as they amount to crimes of genocide by forcibly displacing a whole tribe from its lands.

We call on the international community and the relevant UN agencies to intervene urgently to save the members of the Al-Huwaitat tribe, and to put pressure on the Saudi authorities to reveal the fate of the forcibly disappeared members of the tribe, release them all, and open serious investigations into all the violations they have been subjected to.

We also call on the international community to ensure the growth of Al-Huwaitat children in their homeland and not to expose them to any pressures of any kind that might force them to leave their lands.

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