The international community must take urgent measures to protect Yemenis in Saudi Arabia

Despite the catastrophic situation in Yemen due to the Saudi military intervention in Yemen by a direct decision of Saudi Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Prince Mohamed bin Salman since 2015, the worst humanitarian crisis in the world which put Yemen on the brink of famine and placed it on the list of the world’s poorest countries, the Saudi regime did not have mercy on Yemenis who survived this disaster and doubled their suffering with a number of strict measures that confirm that it is a regime that neither respects nor values human rights.

recently, the Saudi regime imposed strict measures on the Al-Wadea border crossing to limit the entry of Yemeni arrivals into Saudi Arabia, despite the tragic conditions they face in Yemen due to the war they waged against them.

In live testimonies of Yemeni refugees at the border, they confirmed the mistreatment of the Saudi officials, and indicated that dozens of vehicles had accumulated on the Yemeni side for days, waiting for the Saudi forces’ decision to allow them to enter Saudi Arabia.

Currently, a fierce government campaign against Yemeni residents is escalating in Saudi Arabia. Since last July, Saudi Arabia has begun to abruptly terminate the work contracts and residence permits of a large number of Yemenis, including about 260 academics university professors in universities located in the southern governorates of Saudi Arabia, suddenly and without any justifications.

The Saudi regime proves everyday that human rights are not on its list of interests, and is not ready to take responsibility for the crisis it caused for the people of Yemen. that it is the last thing it can think of or respect, and confirms that it is not up to the responsibility that makes it bear the result and consequences of its decisions, and instead of extending their hand to them to improve their living conditions and ensure a safe shelter for the Saudi authorities insist on doubling their suffering.

According to the official description of the United Nations, Yemen is living the worst humanitarian disaster in the world, due to the Saudi-led war there since 2015 under the pretext of fighting the Iranian-backed Houthis, with no success.

Yemeni civilians are paying their lives as the price of this conflict, millions of internally displaced people, refugees who left the country, the outbreak of diseases and epidemics due to the collapse of the health system, and the spread of unemployment are the results of the Saudi-led war on Yemen.

The international community, governments, civil society organisations, and relevant UN bodies must intervene to find an urgent solution to save Yemenis from the war, and the Saudi strict measures and provide Yemenis with a safe place to live instability.

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