The Saudi regime must Reveal the Fate of Sheikh Suleiman Al-Dawish and Stop Retaliatory Measures against His Family

For nearly six years, the fate of the preacher Sheikh Suleiman Al-Dawish remains unknown, as the Saudi authorities refuse to reveal any information about his place of detention, or his current health condition, which is expected to be in serious danger due to his ongoing incommunicado detention in Saudi notorious prisons.

Al-Dawish was arrested in April 2016 after publishing tweets criticising the current policies of the regime, and for refusing to put all powers with one person with no experience. The Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman considered these tweets as direct insults to him.

According to testimonies of former detainees, Al-Dawish was being held with them in a secret detention facility of the Royal Court in Riyadh, and he was subjected to brutal torture under the direct supervision and orders of the Crown Prince himself. The former detainees have expected his death more once due to the severity of his torture.

Not only he was subjected to enforced disappearance, but the Saudi authorities targeted his family by arresting his son “Abdul Rahman”, 20, last year during his search for his father. Abdul Rahman’s arrest is new evidence of the collective punishment measures taken by the Saudi authorities against dissidents and their families.

In October 2021, Abdul Rahman had communicated with the Public Prosecution to inquire about his father’s fate and condition, following which he was subjected to arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance, and denial of all his legal rights.

We call on the international community to take more serious stances against the ongoing human rights violations of the Saudi authorities, which are encouraged by the silence and economic cooperation with it.

We also call for urgent international intervention and the opening of investigations into what political detainees are exposed to in Saudi Arabia, the formation of an international committee to examine the conditions of their detention and to demand the release of all forcibly disappeared persons and ensure a fair trial for all detainees.

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