A Big Mistake for the US Media which Whitewashed the Reputation of Hair Prison

The American CBS Tv channel published reportage about the notorious Saudi Hair Prison with images that are far from reality, where prisoners seem like 5-star hotel residents.

Holly Williams, the channel’s correspondent, obtained permission to film and take interviews inside the prison with detainees accused of terrorism and violence. During the interviews, detainees dressed in posh suits while roaming the prison freely with the correspondent. The yards of the prison seemed new and very clean, while there were groups of detainees listening to music and enjoying themselves.

All human rights organizations describe Hair prison as a notorious prison, due to the horrific testimonies of the detainees and their families about the abuse, ill-treatment, humiliation, and the inhuman detention conditions which makes them sick as well as the torture suffered by political detainees at the hands of prison guards and officials.

The late thinker and activist Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamed was detained in this prison and died inside it as a result of deliberate medical negligence.

Lujain Al-Hathloul, the famous women’s rights defender spent three years there, which were the worst years of her life, as she was deprived of all her basic rights, in addition to ongoing physical and psychological torture.

Nevertheless, the American channel attempted to improve the image of this prison, despite its famous inhuman and brutal treatment against political detainees and prisoners of conscience.

The US Channels action and abandoning its values raises brows, as it was blatantly promoting this false news.

This is a very alarming report, especially since Joe Biden refused to impose any sanctions against Mohamed ben Salman for his role in the assassination of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, for whom justice has not prevailed yet.

It is clear that Biden is not going to implement the promises he made before elections regarding the change of policies with KSA in relation to its human rights record.

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