How the Saudi regime relies on international complicity

“Together for Justice” organization denounced the continued cooperation of international systems with the Saudi regime at the security and military levels by providing it with all the weapons it needs, in clear preference for financial and commercial interests over human rights and the security of citizens.

The Saudi Special Forces have received new Kozak-5 military vehicles from Ukraine, manufactured by the Ukrainian Practica company.

The number of vehicles that arrived in Saudi Arabia on August 12 was not disclosed, but according to Oleg Vysotsky – CEO of the company – the company “has plans to participate in the next major defence exhibition in Saudi Arabia.”

The Kozak-5 is a lightweight armoured special forces vehicle, designed to perform police or auxiliary military tasks, for small groups that transport and use it as a barrier in the event of a skirmish and can also be equipped with a ladder to attack buildings.

The vehicle also has a range of explosion-proof features that provide the STANAG 4569 level 2 explosion protection, something that distinguishes these vehicles from the rest of the vehicles in this class.

According to the manufacturer, the main advantage of the vehicle is the outstanding dynamic characteristics due to the extremely high power-to-weight ratio (34.5 hp/ton). The maximum road speed of the vehicle is 150 km/h, the Kozak 5 is also based on the Ford F550 4×4 truck, and a specially imposed chassis (reinforcement of the front axle, reinforcement of deferral and brakes, and installation of larger wheels to build armoured vehicles).

By reviewing the characteristics of the Ukrainian vehicles received by Saudi Arabia, it can be easily predicted that they were brought specifically for the raids and the suppression of demonstrations, and to tighten the fierce security grip of the authorities on any kind of opposition.

The arms deals that the Saudi authorities conclude costs billions of Saudi riyals, at a time when the people are suffering from austerity due to the severe economic crisis that struck Saudi Arabia in the wake of the Corona crisis and the oil market due to the decisions of the Saudi Crown Prince.

Instead of devoting all financial resources to reviving the economy, strengthening the local market, and solving the living problems of citizens; millions are spent from the people’s money to buy military equipment and weapons to suppress and abuse them, silence their voice and deprive them of their right to freedom and expression.

There is no longer any opposition in the Kingdom as the regime has used every tool to silence dissenting voices, which has turned Saudi Arabia into a totalitarian dictatorship with no room for freedom. However, various governments continue to cooperate with the Saudi regime and provide it with all the tools which it uses to abuses its people and its neighbours, as is happening in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has turned into a country with a very bad reputation due to the crimes and violations of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As for the ruling party, it has become pursued by accusations of premeditated murder and involvement in numerous crimes against humanity, which makes Saudi Arabia a pariah state.

The Kingdom’s continued purchase of weapons reveals the regime’s intention to escalate violence and to add more crimes to its black record of inhumane practices against human rights inside and outside the Kingdom.

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