Marwan Al-Muraisy – Years of Arbitrary Detention Without Trial in Saudi Prisons

Yemeni writer and journalist Marwan Al-Muraisy has spent more than three and a half years in Saudi prisons without trial, and his legal status remains unknown.

Al-Muraisy was arrested in June 2018 while returning with his sick son from the hospital in Riyadh. A group of unidentified individuals dressed in civilian clothes arrested him and took him to an unknown location without disclosing the details and place of his arrest.

Al-Muraisy’s news was cut off for nearly a year, while the authorities denied knowing his whereabouts, until in May 2019 he was allowed to call the family for the first time for a few minutes, in which he told them that that he was still alive and being held in a Saudi detention facility without specifying his exact location.

Al-Muraisy was deprived of his most basic human and legal rights. He was not allowed to appoint a lawyer, or to know the real reason for his arrest. He was also deprived of regular communication with his family.

At the beginning of 2020, Al-Muraisy’s son died, and despite human rights appeals, the Saudi authorities refused Al-Muraisy’s request for a temporary release from prison to bury his son and attend the funeral, only to increase his suffering and punish him for no reason.

According to human rights sources, the Saudi authorities arrested Marwan Al-Muraisy, who was very active on social media, because he did not praise the Crown Prince and his vision related to the economy and diversity.

The Saudi regime is holding 31 journalists, including women, in its prisons, in addition to hundreds of opposition detainees including preachers, academics, activists and human rights defenders.

We strongly condemn the double standards of the Saudi regime regarding human rights and freedom of opinion and expression.

Detained Journalists in Saudi Prisons:

NameDate of ArrestMedia outlet
Fadel Al-ManasifMay 01, 2011Field journalist and human rights activist
Raif BadawiJune 17, 2012Blogger
Jassem Al-SaffarMay 09, 2013Photojournalist
Wajdi Al-GhazawiFebruary 03, 2014Al-Fajr TV
Waleed Abu al-KhairApril 15, 2014Lawyer and blogger
Trad OmariNovember 10, 2016Columnist
Nazir Al-MajedJanuary 18, 2017Journalist in Al-Hayat newspaper
Musaed bin Hamad Al Kathiri September 05, 2017 
Ali Al-Omari  September 09, 20174 Shabab channel
Fahad Al SunaidiSeptember 11, 2017Al Majd TV
Adel Banama  September 12, 20174 Shabab channel
Khaled Al-AlkamiSeptember 12, 2017 
Walid Al-HuwairiniSeptember 12, 2017Al-Majd
Sami Al ThubaitiSeptember 13, 2017Tawasol
Ahmad Al-SuwayanSeptember 13, 2017Member of the Islamic Press Association
Malik Al-AhmadSeptember 19, 2017Al-Muhaid newspaper
Jamil FarsiSeptember 25, 2017Columnist
Mohamed Saud Al-BashirOctober 05, 2017Writer and journalist in Tawasol
Turki Al-JasserMarch 15, 2018Freelance journalist and blogger
Marwan Al-MuraisyJune 01, 2018Yemeni journalist and columnist
Sultan Al JumairiSeptember 19, 2018 
Zuhair KutbiJanuary 10, 2019Makkah newspaper
Abdul Rahman Farhana  February 22, 2019Jordanian journalist
Mohamed Al-SadiqApril 04, 2019Maqal
Nayef Al-HandasApril 04, 2019Journalist in more than one online media outlet
Badr Al-IbrahimApril 04, 2019Al-Araby Al-Jadeed
Themar Al MarzoukiApril 04, 2019The New Arab – Okaz
Abdullah Al-DuhailanApril 05, 2019Journalist and presenter
Maha Al Rafidi Al QahtaniSeptember 28, 2019Al-Watan
Zana Al-ShahrySeptember 28, 2019 
Ali Mohsen Abu Lahoum23 August 2021CEO of Al-Awadi TV and presenter of Yemen Times Radio

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