Jordanian Mohamed Abu Zaitoun – Three years of Enforced Disappearance in Saudi Arabia

“Together for Justice” called on the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances to intervene urgently to pressure Saudi Arabia to reveal the fate of Jordanian Mohamed Abu Zaitoun, who has been disappeared for nearly three years, and whose place of detention remains unknown.

Abu Zaitoun was arrested in April 2019 in a campaign of arrest against Saudi activists and intellectuals, as well as some Jordanian and Palestinian citizens.

Despite presenting a large number of Palestinian and Jordanian detainees to the judiciary, which convicted them; the Saudi authorities refuse to reveal the fate of Abu Zaitoun or present him to any judicial body, in violation of the law. Since then no news was heard of him, his whereabouts, or the conditions of his detention.

According to private sources, his family was forced to leave Saudi Arabia after the expiry of their residency due to the high living expenses since he was the only breadwinner for the family.

We hold the Saudi authorities responsible for the security, safety, and the life of the Jordanian citizen, Mohamed Ali Abu Zaitoun, and we call on the Jordanian authorities to intervene urgently to press for the release of its citizen Abu Zaitoun and to ensure that he obtains all his rights, the most basic of which is having a fair trial.

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