Saudi female rights activist continued to be forcibly disappeared for more than a year

Saudi female human rights activist Manahel al-Otaibi has been forcibly disappearing for more than a year in Saudi jails amid serious concerns over her safety.

 29-year-old Manahel al-Otaibi was arrested in November 2022 over social media posts criticising the Kingdom’s laws pertaining to male guardianship, women’s rights, and calling for changes in the country. To date, no details regarding her fate have been made public.

Family sources did, however, confirm that she has not been charged or put on trial until today.

Manahel’s sister, Fawz al-Otaibi, confirmed on Instagram that her sister suffered from severe torture and abuse while incarcerated in Al-Malaz prison.

She went on to say that her sister was kept in solitary confinement to force her to admit to accusations she vehemently denied.

She wrote on Instagram:

My sister Manahil Al-Otaibi was subjected to torture in Al-Malaz prison in Saudi Arabia, and the prison official was involved in covering up the torture after imprisoning her in solitary confinement to force her to confess. Given what my sister is experiencing, where are human rights in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi authorities have been targeting Twitter users for years as part of a larger campaign that involved putting spies inside the company to obtain private user information about anonymous accounts critical of the government.

In this context, Together for Justice urges the international community to apply pressure on Saudi authorities so that they will release all political prisoners detained on charges related to freedom of expression and ensure their freedom to voice their thoughts without fear of retaliation.

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