Sheikh Saleh Al-Shami in Danger in Saudi Jails

Together for Justice holds the Saudi authorities responsible for the safety of Sheikh Saleh bin Ahmed Al-Shami, in light of his continued imprisonment in inhuman detention conditions, in total disregard for his old age.

Well-informed sources confirmed that Sheikh Al-Shami recently suffered serious health deterioration, which led to his transfer to the hospital for two weeks before being arbitrary returned to jail.

Despite his old age and good conduct and behavior throughout the four decades he spent in the Kingdom, the Syrian sheikh and religious scholar, Saleh al-Shami, was arrested earlier this year as part of a fierce campaign launched against Syrians residing in the Kingdom, similar to the arrest campaign targeting Palestinians four years ago.

The 88-year-old Sheikh Saleh Al-Shami was detained along with his son earlier this year and taken to an unknown detention center. Since his detention, he has been denied any contact with his family or lawyer.

Several Syrians residing in Saudi Arabia were also detained for unknown reasons.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Shami, from Douma town in Damascus, has been residing in the Kingdom for 43 years, during which he taught Sharia sciences in the scientific institutes of the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, and he worked there as a teacher until 1998.

Despite his old age and difficult health condition, Sheikh Saleh Al-Shami has continued to be forcibly disappeared since his detention.

Together for Justice calls on the international community to take serious action against the growing human rights violations being reported in Saudi prisons and to intervene to disclose the fate of Sheikh Saleh Al Shami and all those forcibly disappeared in the Kingdom.

Together for Justice further calls on the free people and human rights activists to raise the voice of those silenced in Saudi jails.

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