The International Community’s Pro-Israeli Bias Reflects its Double Standards

Together for Justice strongly condemns the bloody Israeli aggression on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip, in violation of international and humanitarian laws, since Saturday evening, October 7, 2023, which has so far resulted in about 250 deaths, 1,700 wounded, and a number of demolished buildings.

The Israeli occupation forces explicitly announced in multiple statements yesterday that they would target all the people of Gaza, including civilian and military targets, in response to the “Aqsa Flood Operation” carried out by the Hamas Movement at dawn on Saturday against the illegal Israeli settlements that were built on the Gaza envelope decades ago. The Israeli occupation decided to take revenge on Palestinian civilians and destroy their homes and residential neighborhoods in Gaza, amid the shameful international community’s pro-Israel bias.

In this regard, we would like to draw the attention of the international community and various governments to several points before completely siding with the Israeli position against the defenseless Palestinian people:

First: The inhumane siege: The Gaza Strip has been living under an unjust and illegal siege since 2006, which has paralyzed all aspects of life in Gaza and resulted in a very difficult humanitarian condition in addition to the destruction of infrastructure and depriving the people of the Strip of their most basic human rights to movement, treatment, and food. The people of Gaza have always called to break the siege on Gaza, amid rights demands to put pressure on the occupation to lift it. But all of these appeals were ignored. The occupation continued to impose more restrictions on the Gaza Strip, the last of which was a decision to ban exports from the Gaza Strip.

Second: Illegal settlements: The attack on the settlements located on the Gaza envelope was in fact directed against illegal settlements according to international law and United Nations resolutions, and the Israelis should not have been allowed to build these settlements in the first place.

Third: Brutal aggression: At least an Israeli brutal aggression is being launched against the people of the Gaza Strip at least once every year for more than 17 years, during which they target residential buildings and hospitals, prevent the entry of humanitarian aid and obstruct the arrival of ambulances. However, the international community continues to stand behind them and turns a blind eye to the Palestinian people’s suffering.

Fourth: The right to resist: Under international law, people living under occupation have the right to resist their occupiers by all possible means. Israel is internationally recognized as an occupying power, and the Palestinian people have the right to defend themselves and liberate their lands.

Fifth: Attacks on Islamic holy sites: Over the recent weeks, a wave of provocative attacks have escalated against Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem, including massive settler incursions into Aqsa and attacks on Palestinian worshipers.

In light of this escalating crisis in Palestine, we categorically condemn the violent and extremist acts of the Israelis against the Palestinian people and holy places. We also affirm our solidarity with the Palestinian people in defending their rights, even in light of the complete indifference of the international community.

We call on the international community and all free people around the world to stand with truth and justice, and we stress the need to condemn the Israeli occupation and address its crimes, violations, and apartheid, and to recognize that the time has come to put an end to this long-standing crime, which represents a stain for all the world.

The international community’s abandonment of the Palestinian people will not deter their faith and determination to restore their rights. It is time for the international community to take a firm stance against the Israeli occupation and to unite efforts to build a future based on peace, justice, and equality for all.

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