The Gaza Aggression Discloses International Community and Media Hypocrisy

The brutal Israeli aggression has been ongoing against the Gaza Strip since Saturday, October 7, 2023. Numerous reports of innocent civilian casualties, including men, women, children, and infants, have exposed the international community’s hypocrisy and double-standard policy.

Inflammatory statements were made in US President Joe Biden’s speech yesterday. Despite knowing that the targets are civilians and that Israel is using prohibited weapons, Biden proudly stood in front of the cameras and provided Israel with a fleet of aircraft and a barrage of weapons to use in the bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Biden attempted to gain the world’s sympathy and sway it in favor of the Israeli military by disseminating false information and fabricating facts. He spoke about how Hamas fighters raped women, beheaded Israeli infants, and mercilessly killed civilians. He made all of these claims without providing any supporting evidence, which even if true would not be enough to excuse the brutal crimes and atrocities committed by the occupation army against the women and children of Gaza.

In addition to warning any nation attempting to support the Palestinians or to stop the brutal Israeli attack against them, Biden also declared his full readiness to aid Israel in its “war” against the people of Gaza, despite the fact that he is well aware there is no safe place or refuge for them. He asserted that the Israeli army does not target civilians in Gaza, but he did not denounce the targeting of the Rafah crossing, the only land border between Gaza and Egypt, or the Israeli Minister of Defense’s threats to commit a crime of genocide by enforcing a total siege without supplying the area with food, water, electricity, or medical supplies.

The Western world is now taking a droopy position against the people of the Gaza Strip. The false accusations that Hamas fighters committed crimes against Israeli civilians are being promoted by Western media.

The Western media continue to spread these horrifying rumors despite Israeli media reports that the girl who claimed to have been raped and killed is still alive and despite the absence of any proof of baby beheadings in order to turn the world’s public opinion against the residents of Gaza.

For a very long time, Western governments have supported dictatorial regimes in the Arab world in their heinous atrocities against their own populations. They offered these oppressive regimes every form of assistance, including cash, arms, and diplomatic clout. The same governments are now supporting the oppressor.

We reaffirm that we vehemently oppose all Israeli atrocities and brutal acts carried out against the helpless Palestinians, particularly in the Gaza Strip.

We urgently urge the Arab nations to exert pressure on their Western allies to stop Israel’s aggression. Furthermore, we also demand that the Egyptian government open the Rafah crossing and provide the resources required to protect Palestinian civilians and stop ongoing crimes.

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