Palestinian Child’s Killing in the US Requires a Strict International Position

Together for Justice vehemently condemns the heinous act that terrorized the Muslim community in Chicago following the murder of an American-Palestinian child by his American neighbor, who was influenced by the rise of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rhetoric in American media as a result of the recent events in Gaza.

After breaking into their home on Sunday, October 15, a 71-year-old man fatally stabbed a six-year-old boy and seriously hurt his 32-year-old mother. He claimed that he targeted the victims because of their religious beliefs and in response to the ongoing events in the Gaza Strip.

The murderer stabbed the boy 26 times and his mother 12 times with a large military-style knife.

The suspect was the owner of the home where the Palestinian family had resided for two years. Their relationship was cordial, and there had been no significant conflict between them, but as anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rhetoric in the American media and the administration’s inflammatory statements increased, the suspect lost control and attacked his Arab and Muslim neighbors.

By all accounts, the incident is a catastrophe. We warn that it will mark the start of a string of increasing acts of violence and racial discrimination against Arab and Muslim communities in the West, similar to those they experienced after the September 11 attacks as a result of the same hate speech.

We emphasize the necessity for the international community to uphold its moral obligations and act quickly to stop the spread of hate speech and guarantee the safety of Arab and Muslim communities in the West.

The Western media has evolved into a false propaganda machine that spreads false claims promoted by the Israelis to affect Arabs and Muslims in Western societies, as the Western world currently takes a careless attitude toward the residents of the Gaza Strip.

With these dubious positions and double standards, Western governments have in the past encouraged Arab dictatorial regimes to commit a number of horrifying crimes and human rights violations against their citizens.

These are the same governments that helped these regimes suppress freedoms and stifle any opposition by giving them financial, military, and diplomatic support. They are the same techniques that ensured the impunity and lack of accountability for any crimes of tyrannical regimes in the Middle East.

We reaffirm that we vehemently oppose any crimes or cruel acts carried out by the Israeli occupation against the helpless Palestinians, particularly in the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, we urge the Arab nations to act quickly to put pressure on their Western allies to stop Israel’s aggression. Furthermore, we demand that the Egyptian government open the Rafah crossing to let in aid supplies.

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