“Together for Justice” Calls for International Intervention After Writer Tarrad Al-Omar is Beaten and Tortured for Discussing Reformist Ideas

“Together for Justice” renews its calls for the international community and world leaders to intervene and pressure Saudi authorities to release writer Tarrad Al-Omar, following reports of severe beatings and torture by prison security forces just days ago.

Reports indicate that reformist writer Tarrad Al-Omar was brutally beaten by emergency forces inside his detention facility in Saudi Arabia due to his discussions of reformist ideas with fellow prisoners of various backgrounds. Authorities deemed this a crime and responded with physical and psychological torture.

According to informed sources, the authorities decided to torture Al-Omar to break his will and make an example of him, thereby instilling fear in other detainees to prevent them from discussing any reformist ideas or developmental plans related to the Kingdom.

Al-Omar was arbitrarily arrested in November 2016, with no charges officially announced, nor any legal status determined. However, his opposition to Saudi intervention in Yemen and his defence of detainees’ rights were the true reasons behind his arrest, according to sources close to his family.

Tarrad Al-Omar is known for his bold discussions on topics many fear to address publicly due to the regime’s repression. From the beginning, he criticised Saudi intervention in the Yemen war and the resulting humanitarian catastrophe. He consistently defended detainees, exposing the brutal violations they suffer in detention. Additionally, he was a prominent advocate for retirees’ rights and criticised the widespread unemployment in society.

Al-Omar’s “crime” is his commitment to freely expressing his opinion, a right guaranteed to everyone under international laws and constitutions, as long as it remains peaceful. However, Saudi authorities consider the demand for this right or its exercise a punishable offence, often resulting in long-term imprisonment or even execution.

“Together for Justice” urges international leaders to intervene and pressure Saudi authorities to release writer Tarrad Al-Omar and all other prisoners of conscience. The ongoing detention of these individuals poses a grave threat to their lives due to mistreatment and deliberate medical neglect.

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