UAE-Israel Land Corridor Disgraces Bin Zayed, Bin Salman, and Jordan Regimes Forever

Together for Justice has strongly condemned the recent agreement between the UAE and the Israeli entity to establish a land corridor that would pass through Jordan and Saudi Arabia. This move would facilitate the arrival of basic food supplies and other goods to the Israeli side after commercial ships were obstructed in the Red Sea by the Houthis in Yemen In response to the ongoing Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli media reports that the Emirati company “PureTrans” and the Israeli company “Trakent” signed a logistics services agreement last December to start transporting trucks loaded with goods from Dubai port to Haifa port in Israel via Saudi Arabia and Jordanian territory.

The CEO of Trakent claims that the new line will save more than 80% of the freight costs compared to using the sea route, which Yemen is currently blocking.

A few days ago, Miri Regev, the Israeli Minister of Transportation, provocatively reviewed her visit to Mundra port, in India, where goods are exported to Israel after passing through several Arab nations. While visiting the port, which she called the biggest in India, the minister released a video clip showcasing the cargo containers that were headed to the UAW, and then to Israel via the land corridor that will pass through Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

This provocative move coincides with the Israeli authorities’ total siege of the Gaza Strip, which prevents the inflow of food, water, medicine, and fuel supplies, resulting in a dire humanitarian crisis that is putting the region on the verge of an unprecedented famine.

This agreement can only be seen as a betrayal and a source of shame, given that the leaders of the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are refusing to exert pressure on Israel, whom they regard as an ally, to either put an end to hostilities or at the very least allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing, which is the survival route for its citizens. However, these governments decided to remain silent and ignore Israeli crimes against civilians

Today, with the occupation threatening a ground invasion of Rafah, these Arab countries have decided to provide Israel with the support it needs, while leaving their Arab brothers starved to death in Gaza.

Therefore, we reaffirm our total rejection of this agreement, which gives legitimacy to the Israeli occupation’s practices against the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza, after over 110,000 citizens have been killed, injured, reported missing, or detained, and over 80% of Gaza’s population has been turned homeless.

We also emphasise how important it is for Arab nations to uphold their moral, humanitarian, and national obligations to the Palestinian cause and to press the Israeli occupation to end hostilities and permit the entry of essential humanitarian aid.

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