When would Paris Stop Arming Saudi Arabia in its War on Yemen?

Together for Justice organization condemned the French arms sales to Saudi Arabia, as Paris remained silent about the international calls for the necessity of stopping the arming of Saudi Arabia as it uses these weapons against unarmed civilians during its war on Yemen.

The organisation stressed that France’s position is negative and inconsistent with the slogans of respecting human rights that it chants all the time. This contradiction makes it primarily a party in the brutal crimes happening in Yemen, which may expose French officials to international accountability.

When would Paris Stop Arming Saudi Arabia in its War on Yemen?

Despite Italy’s announcement of ending arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom refused to stop supplying Saudi Arabia with the necessary weapons. Analysts could not provide an explanation for the position of the UK and France, especially as the Biden administration announced that it would stop military and logistical support to Saudi forces to use them in random attacks against civilians in Yemen.

According to Disclose NGO, one of the departments of the government objected to imposing democratic control over French arms exports, in a clear reference to France’s desire to export arms to Saudi Arabia, which of course makes it a partner in Saudi’s crimes in Yemen.

Earlier, press investigations revealed that many French companies specialized in military training are training Saudi army soldiers excessively, especially with the start of the Saudi military intervention in Yemen in 2015.

The investigation conducted by Media Part revealed that Saudi Arabia relied heavily in its war in Yemen on aircraft, armored vehicles, ships, and even missiles imported from France in recent years.

حرب اليمن.. هل تطفئ 'جنيف' النار؟ | Radiosawa

The situation in Yemen is catastrophic, and with the continued provision of military support in terms of weapons and training, it is expected to exacerbate the crisis which was described by the United Nations as the worst humanitarian disaster the world has witnessed, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of innocent victims been killed, the displacement of millions who had to leave their homes and flee, and the destruction of Yemen’s infrastructure and the collapse of education, health, and food systems.

Together for Justice affirms its total rejection of Western countries’ continued provision of arms to Saudi Arabia and joins the calls of all organizations for the necessity of stopping the support provided to the Arab coalition countries in their attacks on Yemen.

Finally, Together for Justice calls on all parties to the conflict to abide by the ceasefire resolution and agree on political and diplomatic solutions to end the conflict, which only affected the civilian victims in Yemen.

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