Yemeni activist Samira Al-Houri Subjected to Enforced Disappearance in Saudi Arabia Along with Her Child

Ten months have been passed since the enforced disappearance of the Yemeni activist, Samira Al-Houri, along with her baby girl, where they were both arrested in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on April 17, 2022.

Al-Houri is a prominent human rights and relief activist in Yemen. She was previously arrested by the Houthis for 3 months, during which she was subjected to both physical and psychological torture, and forced to sign confessions under torture.

Al-Houri has been subjected to serious human rights violations in flagrant breach of international laws that clearly criminise enforced disappearance and allow anyone detained or arrested of the right to speak to his/her family or a lawyer of his/her choice and to be promptly informed of any charges against him/her.

In this regard, we warn of any attempt to force Samira Al-Houri to make false confessions under torture.

Since her detention, the Saudi authorities refused to reveal Al-Houri’s fate amid serious concerns over her safety along with her baby girl.

Thus, we call on the international community and the concerned UN bodies to intervene urgently to save Samira Al-Houri and her child, and to put pressure on the Saudi authorities to disclose their fate and to open an investigation into all the violations they were subjected to.

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