Abdulrahman Al-Sadhan: Model of suffering of the families of prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia

In our contiries familes of detainees have no media outlets speaking about their suffering during their attempts to find any information about their detained relatives.

The authorities are responsible of informing the family of the whereabouts of their detained family member and his current status and allow them to communicate with him.

The family of the Saudi prisoner, Abdulrahman Al-Sadhan, is one of the most prominent examples of the suffering of families of the forcibly disappeared in Saudi Arabia. Al-Sadhan forcibly disappeared about 3 years ago after his arrest in March 2018.

Al-Sadhan is a Saudi activist with MBA in Business Administration from the US, and he was working as a research trainee at the Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia. He also worked before in the field of information technology, and he was known for his activities in the humanitarian field with the Saudi Red Crecent.

Two years since arrest and disappearance of Saudi humanitarian worker Abdulrahman  AlSadhan

The state security authorities of bin Salman arrested Al-Sadhan in 2018. His sister Areej Al-Sadhan wrote on her Twitter account that the Saudi authorities had stormed her brother’s office in the Saudi Red Crescent and arrested him and confiscated his personal belongings and his car, and on the next day, State Security Service stormed his home, searched it and took some of his other personal belongings and his computer, and since then the family does not known anything about him.

Areej added that her family is still suffering from violations of their rights since her brother’s arrest in breach of Article 41 of the Criminal Procedure Law.

On January 18, 2021, Areej wrote a tweet about the ongoing disappearance of her brother for the third year in a row since his arrest, the lack of all infromations about him and banning the family from visitn him. She pledged to continue working for the release of her brother after learning that he is held in Al-Hair prison.

Areej Al Sadhan (@AreejASadhan) | Twitter

After 23 months of his arrest; on February 12, 2020, Areej shared  good news, which was nothing but that Abdelrahman had called his family for a minute, telling them that he was still alive.

Together for Justice, along with several human rights organizations, calls on the Saudi authorities to disclose the fate of Abdulrhman Al-Sadhan and forcibly disappeared detainees in the prisons of the Saudi regime. The organisation  holds the regime responsibile for the lives of all detainees.

Toether for Justice also called for allowing Al-Sadhan to appoint a lawyer to defend him and allow the family to visit him and recieve news about him.

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