After Arresting Rights Defender Loujain Daghestani: Who is offending the Kingdom now?

Last March, the Saudi security forces arrested the Saudi rights activist, Loujain Daghestani, in secret conditions until about a month of her detention.

With a lot of research and investigation, it became clear that Daghestani was arrested on the background of her tweeting 8 years ago, calling for improving the economic and social conditions in the country, despite the fact that her actions are inherent rights of citizenship and a legitimate request.

The country’s electronic flies attacked Dagestan on social media platforms under the hashtag #Loujain_Daghestani_offends_the_country, with attached photos of her old tweets in which she called for social and economic reform so that young people would not flee their homelands and migrate in search of a job opportunity abroad.

Lujain Daghestani, a vibrant young Saudi doctor,  who devoted her life to launch initiatives for the young men and women to explore their talents and abilities to build a better future for them, which ultimately serves the interest of the country, which will not rise without the renaissance of its loving citizens.

Nearly three months have passed since Loujain was placed behind bars, without guilt or crime other than using her legitimate right which is internationally and locally guaranteed, which resulted in her to deprivation of her children and husband, yet the authorities refuse to respond to any initiative to release prisoners of conscience.

What kind of danger did Dagestan pose to be deprived of her freedom and her future, with which she was trying to help making her country a better place ? for which crime was she imprisoned? What about distorting her image and her future?

Many unanswered questions, the most prominent of which is who really offends the country? The people who try with all their efforts and their limited capabilities to contribute to any reform in society, or the regime that seeks with all its tools to silence any voice that calls for reform, the regime that is leading the country to the abyss?

We at Together for Justice call on the Saudi authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Loujain Daghestani, who we affirm has not committed any crime punishable by law, as the freedom of opinion is not a crime, and it never will be.

We warn against the ongoing restrictions on young cadres and holding many of them behind bars. Their detention will not help the country in any way but leaving them free and enjoying all their human and legal rights will definitely contribute to bringing about a radical change in the country and will help in its progress and becoming among countries of the first world.

We call on the Saudi authorities to stop violating the rights of Dagestani and her family, as her young children and family are in great need of her now, and they have not committed any crime to be deprived of their mother or to grow up in a society in which false smear campaigns are practiced against honorable citizens.

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