Ahmed Al-Soyan: One of the most prominent anti-normalization voices

Several Saudi prisoners of conscience are continuing to be held in Saudi prisons for openly expressing their rejection of any effort to normalize relations with the Israeli occupation.

Among these detainees is veteran journalist Ahmed Al-Sowayan, who was arrested shortly after Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) assumed power in 2017. He was charged with tweeting and posting articles calling on the Saudi regime not to join the normalization deal with the Israeli occupation.

Regarded as a well-known journalist in Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Al-Suwayyan has made significant contributions in the field of journalism and training journalists. He was also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the famous Al-Bayan magazine, as well as the President of the Islamic Press Association.

Trial procedures for Al-Suwayyan started about a year after his arbitrary arrest. Following several secret trial sessions that did not meet the requirements for a fair trial, the Specialized Criminal Court sentenced him to three years in prison. The period ended in September 2020, but the Saudi authorities are still delaying his release and will not say what the current legal situation is or why he is being held in detention.

Anti-normalisation activists held in Saudi and Emirati prisons include Muhammad Al-Rabiah and Rakan Al-Asiri, journalist Maha Al-Rafidi, blogger Daoud Al-Ali, academic Abdullah Al-Yahya, preacher Abdul Aziz Al-Tarifi, preacher Saad bin Matar Al-Otaibi, Sheikh Saleh Al Talib, activist Abdul Aziz Al-Awda, activist Abdullah Al-Maliki, blogger Omar Napoli, journalist Jamil Al-Farsi, Hamoud bin Ali Al-Omari, and of course, journalist Ahmed Al-Sawyan.

Together for Justice joins all free voices in calling for the release of all prisoners of conscience, and demanding the opening of an urgent investigation into all the violations they have been subjected to, starting with their arbitrary detention without legal basis, and holding those responsible accountable.

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