He Went to Mosque 4 Years Ago and Never Came Back Jamal Al-Najem is Suffering in Saudi Prisons

As part of the widespread campaign of arrests carried out by the state security authorities in Saudi Arabia, on October 2, 2017, the State Security Forces arrested Sheikh Jamal Al-Najem, professor of jurisprudence at Imam Mohamed bin Saud Islamic University, and the general supervisor of the electronic newspaper “Fadila”, while he was heading to the mosque for Fajr prayer.

His son Moaz wrote about his father’s arrest on his Twitter, however, the Saudi authorities did not announce his arrest until October 5, 2017.

Twenty-five days after his arrest, the “Prisoners of Conscience” Twitter account confirmed his arrest “We have confirmed that the authorities prevent Sheikh Jamal Al-Najem from contacting the family for 25 days in a row.”

 These were the first violations that were practiced against Al-Najem after being arbitrarily arrested regardless of his scientific position or his human rights.

In April 2018, the “Prisoners of Conscience” account published a new tweet in which it said, “Al-Najem’s health condition has deteriorated since the beginning of April, and the Saudi authorities are still preventing him from taking the necessary medication, and refusing to transfer him to hospital.”

Local and international governmental organizations and institutions sent many appeals to the Saudi authorities to release him, enable him to receive visits and meet his lawyer, and defend himself before the state’s representative agencies with complete freedom, but the government ignored all the appeals and began to deliberately insult the university professor during his court hearings held in the month of Ramadan.

Prisoners ofConscience” and “The Scale of Justice” Twitter accounts published tweets saying, “It was confirmed that Sheikh Jamal Al-Najem was brought to court twice during the month of Ramadan without any progress in his case, and he was transferred to the court in a humiliating manner. “.

Together for Justice called on the Saudi authorities to release Sheikh Al-Najem and all prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia, after years of detention without a charge.

The organisation also called on the authorities to reveal the whereabouts of the Sheikh Al-Najem and to allow him to receive visits from his family and lawyers and to respect his human rights and that of the detainees, to enable them to meet with their lawyers and discuss the charges that were brought against them, give them the right and freedom to defend themselves before impartial courts, as well as providing the required medical care for them. 

Al-Najem has been detained in an unknown place for four years, and his sons share tweets praying that he comes back suddenly as he disappeared suddenly. 

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