Khader Adnan’s Death Confirms Israeli Occupation’s Criminal Reality

Together for Justice expresses deep regret over the death of the leading Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan in Israeli custody just before dawn on May 2, after 87 days on hunger strike.

Khader Adnan started the hunger strike on February 5, shortly after his arrest by Israeli occupation soldiers from his home in Arraba town, Jenin.

In detention, he was moved to solitary confinement, denied family visits, and subjected to serious human rights violations.

We vehemently condemn the deliberate medical negligence and unlawful killing of Palestinian detainee Khadr Adnan by the Israeli occupation forces while being held under illegal administrative detention.

In this regard, we stress the urgent need for a UN transparent investigation into the death of the prisoner Khader Adnan and many other prisoners over the years, and hold those responsible accountable for these crimes.

We also call on the international community to put an end to these brutal crimes and human rights violations against Palestinian prisoners.

Khader Adnan’s death is another Israeli crime that proves that the Israeli occupation is above international laws and basic human rights.

Adnan has been imprisoned at least 12 times since 2004. His last hunger strike has inspired a wave of Palestinian prisoners held under administrative detention to join him.

Last Sunday, an Israeli court refused to release the Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan, despite his deteriorating health condition.

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