Nobody should have to live in a society where their government is so blood-thirsty

Apparently it seems like the Saudi Arabian government is breaking more than just their fast this Ramadan. They’ve decided to break some social, cultural, and most importantly, human boundaries by executing someone during the holy month. And according to the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights, this is the first time they’ve done so.

Let’s take a moment to really understand the significance of this. The Saudi government is showing us that they have absolutely no intention of following through on their promises to limit executions. In fact, they seem to be accelerating the process. It’s like going on a rollercoaster and the government is the ride operator, except they don’t really care if we want to get off or not.

And let’s not forget, Saudi Arabia already has one of the highest execution rates in the world. That’s right folks, if you’re looking for a country to visit that’s both beautiful and boasts an impressive execution rate, then Saudi Arabia should be your next vacation spot!

All sarcasm aside though, this is a serious issue. Nobody should have to live in a society where their government is so blood-thirsty and shows no regard for human life. So let’s all take a moment to reflect on the gravity of the situation and pray for the families of those who have been executed. And maybe next time, the Saudi government will think twice before executing someone during Ramadan.

International community must take all nessasrly measears to put an end to the violations of the Saudi regime and send it a message that respect for human rights and the promotion of democracy and freedom will always be an obstacle for their integration within the international community, which has not yet forgotten the murder of Khashoggi, ongoing damage of Yemen and all other violations against freedom of express.

We also stress the need for an urgent international intervention to put an end to the Saudi repressive and unfair practices against the dissident voices, to investigate all the unfair prison sentences issued against them, and to guarantee their right to a fair trial.

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