Saudi Arabia: Twitter Storm to Lift Travel Bans on Saudi Activists and Families

Together for Justice renews its call on the international community to put more pressure on the Saudi authorities to lift travel bans on released activists who were subject to lengthy travel bans once they had completed their prison sentences.

Travel ban policy is an unhuman and unjustified measure that clearly violates freedom of movement and family unity right.

The Saudi use of travel bans against activists and human rights defenders reflects a bleak reality in the country, where dissenting voices continue to be ruthlessly silenced for speaking out against human rights violations and demanding a democratic state where basic civil and political rights are protected.

In this regard, we also call for joining ‘#LetThemFly’ campaign launched by Amnesty International, in solidarity with the victims of the Saudi travel ban punitive policy.

We also call for an international pressure on the Saudi authorities to lift the travel bans on Saudi activists and their families, and to protect their right to enter or leave their own country.

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