Saudi Journalist Still Held Beyond His Release Date

Saudi Journalist Musa’id Al-Kathiri is continued to be held in Saudi jails amid very difficult detention condition, although he completed his three-and-half prison term in February 2021.

Al-Kathiri has an extensive teaching experience and had long called for the establishment of educational TV networks for youths and children.

The Saudi journalist was arrested as part of the 2017 crackdown campaign, that targeted dozens of academics, writers, activists and opponents shortly after Mohamed bin Salman took office.

Held without any legal basis, Al-Kathiri was prevented from family visits for long periods of time and denied access to attorneys. He was sentenced for three and a half years in a secret and politicized trial.

Like dozens of political prisoners, Al-Kathiri was held in inhuman detention conditions without charge, and subjected to all sorts of maltreatment. Al-Kathiri’s sole crime is peacefully practicing his right to free speech

We call on the Saudi authorities to immediately and unconditionally release the journalist, Musa’id Al-Kathiri, and all detainees who are still held beyond their release dates. We also call for a serious investigation into the violations he has been subjected to since his arrest.

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