Saudi National Day: Freedom for the Imprisoned Kingdom!

On the Saudi National Day, Sept. 23, Together for Justice calls on human rights defenders and social media activists to join its Twitter storm and raise the voice of the silenced voices in Saudi jails. 

The Saudi regime led by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) announced important and necessary reforms over the past few years, but ongoing repression and contempt for basic human rights are major barriers to progress.

Asked about the constitutional monarchy, MBS earlier told the Atlantic that his father’s eventual death will leave him as the absolute monarch of the Kingdom in reference to the one-man-rule.

Hundreds of people are currently held in Saudi jails over their political views, including judges, activists, academics, and scholars, while dozens more remained banned from travel under flimsy pretexts including “disrupting the public order” and “threatening the national security.”

Recently, media reports revealed that MBS has been mediating for a major prisoner swap deal between Russia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, hundreds of political prisoners remain arbitrary held in Saudi jails for seeking democratic reform and better political situation in the Kingdom.

On this national occasion, we express hope that Saudi Arabia will remain safe and secure with no repression or political prisoners.

We further renew our calls to the free world to be the voice of the voiceless people in Saudi Arabia and to press for their release and for an end to unfair trials.

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