Saudi Regime Must Release Dr. Mohamed Al-Khodary Immediately

Saudi Regime Must Release Dr. Mohamed Al-Khodary Immediately

“Together for Justice” joined all the free voices in calling for the release of Palestinian detainee Dr. Mohamed Al-Khodary due to his severe health deterioration as a result of being detained in inhuman conditions in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Khodary

His ongoing detention is just a mean for his slow killing, as he suffers from cancer and he is denied medical treatment by the Saudi prison authorities.

Al-Khodari -the official representative of Hamas in KSA-, is among a group of 68 Palestinians and Jordanians detainees who were arrested arbitrarily in 2019 by the Saudi regime. All of those detained have official residency papers in KSA, however they were either arrested for their Palestinian citizenship, or for opposing the Israeli occupation and its brutal violations of the rights of Palestinian civilians, or for their charitable work to help the victims of the occupation.

Saudi Regime Must Release Dr. Mohamed Al-Khodary Immediately

The trial of the Palestinian and Jordanian detainees began about a year after their arrest in trials that lacked the minimum standards of fair trials and included many legal and human rights violations. The detainees were denied their right to legal representation and were not allowed to freely narrate their statements before the court. The fate of the detainees is always delayed as the court keeps postponing their trial sessions.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Khodary, 80, and his son Hani, receive inhumane treatment amid miserable conditions of detention that has negatively affected the health status of Dr. Al-Khodary who suffers from cancer as well as old age diseases.

They are also denied their right to receive visits, and they were transferred from one prison to another in a humiliating manner, as Al-Khodary was transferred with 29 other detainees to a prison in Abha last November as a form of abuse.

The Specialized Criminal Court holds today, Sunday, January 10, a new hearing for Al-Khodari and his son. “Together for Justice” calls for the immediate release of Al-Khodary and all Palestinian and Jordanian detainees in Saudi Arabia, who are detained in four political prisons in the KSA including Al-Hair Prison in Riyadh, Dhahban Prison in Jeddah, Shaear Prison in Abha, and Dammam prison.

Together for Justice calls on governments of all countries to take a serious stance against the violations of the Saudi authorities and  to stop cooperating with Saudi Arabia until the release of all prisoners of conscience, human rights defenders and detainees who are arrested for political reasons.

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