Tragic prison Conditions Suffered by Prisoners of Conscience in Saudi Arabia

Prisoners in Saudi prison suffer inhuman and tragic detention conditions due to health negligence and the restrictions imposed on them by the Saudi authorities.

Maha Al-Qahtani, the wife of the detained academic Dr. Mohamed Al-Qahtani, confirmed that “closing doors in the face of the families of detainees as well as the complete negligence is ongoing.”

Al-Qahtani exposed violations practiced against (Wing 8 A) in the Riyadh Reformatory, including preventing detainees from walking under the sun and allowing smoking inside the corridors and ward, causing shortness of breath for those suffering from asthma and other elderly people.

Al-Qahtani shared a tweet about bringing a group of psychiatric patients who cause many problems to the same ward with her husband.

Together for Justice had called earlier to allow independent observers to visit the prison and find out the conditions of detainees and their suffering in the Saudi prisons since the authorities responsible for prisons try to paint a beautiful picture about its prisons.

The Saudi authorities which practice repressive measures, order large arrest campaigns against political and human rights activists, and detains them; are still holding a large number of prisoners in secret prisons, without informing their families of their whereabouts.

Concerns about their lives and wellbeing are increasing as human rights organisations fear that they might have died under torture.

In a report published at the beginning of this year, human rights organisations documented five cases of enforced disappearance in Saudi Arabia.

Since Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman came to power in June 2017, Saud Al-Qahtani, the advisor in the royal court and the security arm of Bin Salman, began building a system of secret prisons through the “Presidency of State Security.”

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