Lebanese Prisoner Dies in UAE Prisons: International Community Remains Silent Regarding Crimes Committed by its Emirati Ally

The international community confirms once again its hypocrisy and double standard policy regarding human rights issues when it is linked to one of its allies, with whom they share economic and geopolitical interests.

A Lebanese man who was detained in the UAE two months ago on unspecified charges died in custody in mysterious circumstances, according to a security source who asked to remain anonymous.

Ghazi Ezz El-Din, a Lebanese citizen and father of three, was detained for an unspecified offense. His fate remain unknown till Wednesday, May 10, when his family got a call from the Security Investigation Center in Abu Dhabi asking them to pick up their son’s body.

The family was in shock, given that Ghazi was not suffering from any serious diseases, amid fears of being tortured to death.

According to the source, security officials did not allow his son to inspect the whole body, but only let him see his father’s face.

The family was forced to bury him at 10 PM amid tight security presence. “They did not allow them to wait until the morning, examine the body, or even repatriate it to Lebanon,” the source said.

These evidences have proven that Ghazi was subjected to severe beatings and torture at the hands of the security services in Abu Dhabi to extract confessions about crimes he did not commit. In light of his strong resistance, they tortured him to death.

 We, at Together for Justice, demand justice for Ghazi and for all victims of oppressive regimes. We also call on the international community to abide by its human rights values and to stop any cooperation with those regimes until they ensure the improvement of human rights conditions and hold those involved in these heinous crimes accountable.

We call on the free world to speak out on behalf of all these victims to raise their voices, and pressure their governments to take the necessary steps to put an end to these ongoing violations.

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