Saad Al-Otaibi Suffers in Saudi Prisons for the Fourth Year for Rejecting Normalisation

Saad bin Matar Al-Otaibi, a Saudi preacher who was known on all television channels, radio stations and major advocacy sites, whether on pro-government or the privately owned media companies.

 He put a brief definition of himself on Twitter “I do not represent anyone but myself.”

Al-Otaibi has a PhD degree in legislative politics, and he was chosen as a member of the Judicial Association in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was also appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Society for Political Science, due to his excellence and distinction in his specialization.

He was among the many affected by the widespread arrest campaigns launched by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman since he assumed the mandate of the Covenant in 2017, and for this purpose the State Security Agency was created to supervise all arrests and practice human rights violations against Saudi citizens whose views maybe different to the regime or for simply expressing their opinions on social media.

On September, 25, 2017, the authorities of Saudi Arabia arrested the preacher Saad Al-Otaibi, among a large group of figures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including preachers, journalists, media professionals, and human rights defenders and activists.

Human rights defenders attributed the arrest of Dr. Saad bin Matar Al-Otaibi to his adherence to the defense of the Palestinian cause, and rejection of all attempts to rapprochement with the Zionist occupation state at the expense of the Palestinian cause.

 Tweeters also circulated video clips in which he warns of the day when the Zionist state makes Jerusalem the capital of the occupation, and regretfully this happened under the approval and blessing of Arab regimes, especially the Saudi regime.

Human rights organizations condemned the arrest of Al-Otaibi and demanded the kingdom to release him since the first days of his arrest, where he got forcibly disappeared, deprived of meeting his family and his lawyer, and deprived of all visits or means of communication.

They also demanded the Saudi authorities to respect freedom of opinion and expression, guarantee safety for citizens, and protect all human rights and politicians who work peacefully.

Together for Justice Organization has appealed to the authorities in Saudi Arabia to immediately release Al-Otaibi and all the detainees in prisons, without blackmailing them as many human rights sources reported that Saudi Arabia tried to silence a large number of detainees who are against the normalisation of Saudi Arabia with the occupation entity, however Dr. Saad Al-Otaibi, refused completely to comply with them and change his opinions and beliefs against the Judaization of Jerusalem or recognition of it as a capital of the occupation

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