Saudi Arabia: Political Prisoner Muhammad Dulaim Al-Qahtani in Real Danger

Together for Justice warns against the continued detention of the political detainee, Muhammad Dulaim Al-Qahtani, in light of his serious health condition.

70-year-old Al-Qahtani suffers from chronic heart problems, high blood pressure, and difficulties in movement after suffering a stroke in prison due to his poor detention conditions.

Al-Qahtani was arrested during the 2017 crackdown campaign against dozens of academics, preachers, and human rights activists. Since then, he has been detained in very difficult conditions, worsening his poor health situation.

Despite his critical health conditions, he was sentenced to five years imprisonment in 2018, followed by a travel ban for ten years. The court later suspended the execution of half of the prison sentence.

Despite completing his prison sentence, the Saudi authorities decided to extend his imprisonment, arbitrarily increase his sentence to 14 years and 6 months, and impose a travel ban for a similar period, without any legal justification.

Al-Qahtani started suffering from heart problems due to deliberate malnutrition and medical negligence, seriously risking his safety.

In this regard, we affirm that the difficult detention conditions in Saudi prisons constitute a real danger to all prisoners, even those who look healthy.

Thus, we join the human rights appeals to immediately release prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders and to immediately disclose the fate of those forcibly disappeared in Saudi jails.

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