Together for Justice demands an end to Al-Ghamdi family’s ongoing plight

Al-Ghamdi family presents the suffering of many Saudi families who were subjected to collective punishment as part of the Saudi regime’s revenge policy against political activists.

Since 2018, Al-Ghamdi’s family has made great sacrifices after being subjected to systematic and deliberate suppression.

Despite her old age and her difficult health situation, Aida Al-Ghamdi was arrested and subjected to systematic abuse and torture, which ended with a secret and unfair trial.

Her two sons, Sultan and Adel, were also detained without an arrest warrant and kept in jail without charge or trial.

This came as a revenge measure over their brother Abduallah Al-Ghamdi’s human rights advocacy in Britain.

Sultan was released a month after his arrest after he publicly disavowed his brother Abdullah. However, his mother and brother, Adel, remained jailed amid very difficult detention conditions.

In this regard, Together for Justice calls for an end to the Al-Ghamdi family’s ongoing plight, which has been ongoing for several years.

Together for Justice also calls for putting pressure on Saudi authorities to put an end to collective punishment policies against relatives of political prisoners and activists at home and abroad.

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