Together for Justice: Let’s be the voice of the unheard

“Together for Justice” invites you to join the online campaigns for the release of prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia, who were arrested for expressing their critical opinions of the policies of the current Saudi regime and their attempt to present some reform proposals aimed at the renaissance of the country.

Recently, human rights and political activists launched a tweeting and blogging campaign under the hashtag #Freedom_For_Detainees_May2021 to pressure the Saudi authorities to release the detainees of May 2021 activists and tweeters who are detained arbitrarily.

The most prominent detainee in May was the preacher Abdullah Al-Shehri, who was arrested for sharing a tweet criticizing some statements of Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman during his interview with the presenter “Abdullah Al-Mudaifer” during Ramadan.

Abdullah Jilan was arrested on May 12, for demanding his right to work and to allow citizens to exercise their basic freedoms, which is the same reason for which “Laden” was arrested, as she was defending prisoners of conscience and demanding their release.

The May 2021 arrest campaign was not the first of its kind, as it was preceded by many fierce campaigns in which the regime used its power, influence, and authority to suppress opponents, silence any critical voice, and deprive citizens of their basic rights to express their opinions freely.

September 2017, May 2018, February 2019, and November 2019 are all campaigns launched by Saudi Arabia’s security forces of MBS, which targeted preachers, academics, activists, journalists and businessmen, even members of the royal family and foreigners defending freedoms in their countries, such as the Palestinians and Jordanians who were arrested for their rejection of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Most of these detainees did not express their opinion except via tweets and calls on the internet for reform and democracy.

Social media platforms were their only place to express their reformist and progressive ideas or to direct constructive criticism for the best interest of the nation.

We call you to participate in this campaign and tweet under this hashtag, and all other tags and campaigns calling for the release of political prisoners, men, women, and minors.

We ask you not to stop blogging about them and to remind the world always about them and their suffering, for us to become the voice of the unheard, in order to achieve justice,  establish democracy, and live in a free homeland in which there is no oppression or abuse.

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