Until when would Business Remain More important than Human Rights?

Together for Justice expressed its deep shock over the recent documents published by the Foreign Agents Registration Database (FARA), of the US Department of Justice, which revealed a partnership contract between the Saudi authorities and an American public relations company with the aim of promoting the regime and improving its image in the US.

The contract published by the agency, under law requires lobbyists to disclose their activities and funds, stated that the company referred to is (Prime Time Media, LLC), signed a contract worth $ 1.6 million to make publish content and news in English to promote for the Saudi regime.

According to the documents, the American company, located on Massachusetts Street in Washington, DC, will cooperate with a Saudi company representing the Saudi regime, the Saudi Company for Development and Technical Investment (Taqnia), headquartered in Cordoba, Riyadh, is one of the companies of the Saudi Public Investment Fund, and was established by a royal decree to contribute to economic diversification – according to what was stated in its establishment agreement.

Despite the bad reputation of the Saudi regime due to the ongoing human rights violations, the American company accepted the partnership contract to improve the image and whitewash the crimes of the Saudi regime in a clear preference for commercial interests over humanity.
Unfortunately, this was not the only international partnership with the Saudi regime to cover up its crimes and whitewash its image.

Over the past years, the regime has used French companies and personalities to improve the Kingdom’s image globally and improve the reputation of the Crown Prince, who has strong relations with French President Emmanuel Macron, and perhaps this explains the Saudi silence towards the abuse of the Prophet and the racist campaigns launched by Macron against Muslims. Moreover, bin Salman announced his support for President Macron’s intention to monitor the pilgrimage of French Muslims to Mecca.

Furthermore, Saudi has a strong arm in France which is the giant telecommunications company, Publicis, which signed contracts with the Kingdom to market its current leadership in France, and took over the organization of several press meetings and conferences between journalists and Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir and the official spokesman for the Saudi – Emirati Coalition in Yemen Ahmed Al-Asiri, and other activities to support the Saudi regime, all with the aim of covering up Saudi Arabia’s bloody role in the Yemen war, which is witnessing the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe, according to the United Nations, in addition to the murder of Khashoggi, in which US intelligence reports showed the crown prince’s direct involvement.

Together for Justice calls on all major governments, commercial and media institutions to stop economic and military cooperation with the Saudi regime in order to ensure the improvement of human rights conditions and to show clear intention to hold all those involved in violations against the opposition and their families accountable, and until the prisoners of conscience are released.

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