Yahya Al-Wadei – Arrested for Standing in Solidarity with Detainees

More than a year has passed since the end of the sentence of the Saudi prisoner of conscience, Yahya Al-Wadie, however the authorities continue to refuse to release him without giving reasons.

Yahya Al-Wadie, a Saudi activist and blogger, was arrested in 2013 for sharing tweets in which he declared his solidarity with the prisoners of conscience at the time, demanded to improve their conditions of detention and ensure that they obtain all their legal and human rights, only to become a victim due to expressing his opinion, which leads him to prison since then.

In 2016 -three years after his arrest- the Specialized Criminal Court sentenced him to six years in prison in a trial that lacked all standards of justice. His term was scheduled to end in 2019, yet he remains arbitrarily detained so far.

Together for Justice calls on all freedom fighters and human rights defenders to show solidarity with Yahya Al-Wadie and other prisoners of conscience inside the prisons of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to press for their unconditional release and to ensure that they obtain all their rights.

The organisation also calls on people of a living conscience and officials around the world to take urgent action to stop the violations of the Saudi regime against its critics and opponents inside and outside prisons and to ensure the application of justice.

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